Dosing in Horticulture

Proportional Dosing

The most common form of water dosing used with livestock is proportional dosing. Because water flows vary during the day, the doser has to vary its output proportionately so that the correct amount of product is always being added. A water flow sensor is placed in the water pipeline so that the doser can operate correctly.

Auto Dosing

In some cases where there is a constant flow of water from a water pump, it may be possible to use an AutoDose system where the Select doser is programmed to give a specific pumped output. In this case, no water flow sensor is needed.

Water Treatment

Whilst the water supplied to most nurseries is of excellent quality, contamination within the pipe systems on-site can lead to fungal or other problems building up. The use of accurate dosing systems, such as the Select doser, to add water cleaning products to the pipelines can be most beneficial.

Pump Types

Whether is is proportional dosing or AutoDosing that is required, any of our pumps can be used. They just need to be programmed correctly to operate in the desired fashion. Choose the correct Select doser for your situation. If you are not sure which Select doser is correct for you, please contact us or your Distributor.