Livestock Doser program

The Select Livestock doser has been designed to dose precise amounts of product to cattle and sheep over a full 24 hour period.
Until now, it has been difficult to dose, for example, 2.5ml of product per head of livestock over a full 24 hour period.

In warmer weather, cattle and sheep drink considerably more water compared with colder periods. Setting a dosing ratio one day may lead to sever over dosing or under dosing of the product some days later when the ambient temperature changes. This can lead to ineffectual dosing or wasteful over-dosing.

The Select Livestock Doser monitors each 24 hour water consumption and then applies exactly the correct product dosing ratio the following day. Each day the ratio changes to keep pace with changes in water drinking patterns.

The Select doser operates on 12V DC supply. This facilitates the doser being used in all areas of the world with locally supplied plug-in transformers. It also means that a 12V battery can be used where there is no reliable mains electricity supply.