pH Correction

We have developed a new version of the pH doser software - V3

Sensing is now optically isolated. So, no matter how many other sensors are in the process water, the Select-pH doser will operate accurately.

Also there is now a new option for the pH doser. Levels of pH can be measured immediately (Direct), or an average value used (Average) from the last 10 measurements. This can smooth the operation of the doser in some circumstances.

The control of pH, whether for process requirements of effluent control, is a vital part of many commercial operations.

Environmental legislation concerning the pH of effluent from industrial establishments is specific. Failure to adhere to the legislation can be costly as well as unnecessary.

Dosing Solutions can supply pH activated pump systems at a reasonable cost to treat effluent in intermediate containers prior to discharge. Anti-foam pumps can also be installed if foaming of effluent is an issue.


See section pH/ORP equipment under Products and Parts, Dosing Equipment.


Updated Nov 19