Select Doser

The Select Doser is unique in that it is a digitally controlled peristaltic proportional dosing system.

The Select-640

The Select-640 Doser has all of the advantages of the standard Select-480, but with a more powerful motor and gearbox unit, more durable pump tubes, a larger pumped output, and the facility to use a single size pump tube for all dosing ratios from 1:10 right up to 1:100,000.

The Select-480

Using a signal from a variety of turbine flow sensors, water line flows from 1 litre per hour to 25,000 litres per hour can be accomodated. A number of colour coded pump tubes is used to allow dosing ratios from 1:10 right up to 1:100,000.

Chlorine and acid dosing are perfectly possible with the Select Doser owing to the peristaltic action of the pump keeping the dosed product away from the pump mechanism. Common uses of the pump are: vaccination, chlorination, medication, acidification as well as a variety of other industrial uses.

A further benefit of the Select Doser is the on-screen information provided. Details of water flow rate (litres per hour or US gallons per hour), a water meter (in litres or US gallons), and the dosing ratio selected are all shown on-screen.

The Select doser operates on 12V DC supply. This facilitates the doser being used in all areas of the world with locally supplied plug-in transformers. It also means that a 12V battery can be used where there is no reliable mains electricity supply.