Single Shot Dosing

Manual Activation

The Select Doser can be set up to give a precise dose of product (1ml to 20,000ml) wit the push of a foot switch or a signal from a computer. This method can be useful for filling bottles or bags with accurate measures of liquid. It can also be useful for adding larger amounts of liquid to batch mixes of foodstuffs etc.

Timed Activation

Users of the Select Doser may find it useful to dose product on the basis of a set amount of dosed liquid at a chosen time interval. For example, a product may need to be dosed at a rate of a single dose of 2 litres each 24 hours. Using the SSDI (single shot dosing with an initial dose) program on any of the Select Dosers, an initial dose can be chosen of, say, 1.5 litres, followed by a dose of 1 litre each 24 hours.

Cleaning Tanks

Another example is for the Select Doser to be used to dose cleaning products into tanks, where the strength of the product in the tank decreases over time and with the throughput of dirty items. In this case the Select Doser can dose, say, 20 litres of cleaning product as an initial dose during the filling of the tank, and then dose 1 litre each 20 minutes to maintain the cleaning strength in the tank.

Bag and Bottle Filling

As well as using an interval of minutes between doses, the Select Doser can have an SSDI program operating in seconds. This enables to doser to produce, say, 100ml of product each 10 seconds. Using this method bottles and bags can be filled without the need for a foot switch.

Your Requirements

The Select Doser can be programmed to perform to suit your dosing application. Please contact us for more information.