Spinstir Range

Spinstirs are magnetic stock solution stirrers.

If a liquid product is being dosed into a water line or storage tank, it is normal to use a Select doser and pump the product directly from the original container at the desired dosing ratio.

However, if the product to be dosed is in a powder form, it will be necessary to mix this powder into water to make a stock solution that can be pumped.

The problem with powders in a stock solution is that the powder particles may be in suspension in the water and not in solution.  Over the many hours that may be required for the product to be dosed, the powder particles can settle to the bottom of the stock container.  These particles for a sludge at the bottom of the container leading to seriously inaccurate dosing.  

Using a Spinstir ensures that all powder particles are kept in suspension.  The product will be dosed uniformly and accurately leading to efficacy of product use, and a substantial cost saving.