Why Select Dosers?

There are many water doser types available, so why choose Select dosers?

Whilst there is no "perfect pump" for all types of dosing activity, the Select doser does offer advantages over the traditional water pressure driven dosers (Gator-Chemilizer-Dosatron type).

Being computer controlled, the Select dosers give up-to-the-minute information on water flow.  This can be a useful management tool and be critical as far as livestock production is concerned.

Because Select dosers can dose at any ratio, products can be dosed from the original product container.  So, no more mixing up stock solutions to suit the doser, and more keeping operatives away from potential harmful products.

Select dosers are supremely accurate.  Overdosing is a waste of money and can be harmful.  Under-dosing may make the product ineffective and is a waste of money.  Use a Select doser and get it right!